Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing & Innovative Reporting Technologies

Paid Search

Raise your hand when people are calling your name

Rapid Voicemail

Leave voicemails without making calls

Direct Mail

ROI focused 1:1 targeted campaigns

Email Marketing

From Promotion Emails to Monthly Newsletters

Google Places

Optimize your page to make Google your leading lead source


Take the right steps to increase your organic rankings


Communicate with the people who have left your website

Facebook Advertising

Hyper targeted display advertising

Exit Intent Technology

Detect and capture exiting visitors

ROI Reporting™

Finally have FULL transparency into EVERY call

Be honest, do you actually know if your marketing is working?

You’re not the only one. Marketing transparency is more possible today than it ever has been before. T3 Marketing’s #1 priority is to ensure you are aware of how everything is working every step of the way.

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